What We Offer

Our Pastoral Team are passionate about nurturing and developing the emotional health and mental well-being of our children and young people. They offer a number of interventions and therapies for pupils with identified needs, through groups and one-to-one sessions covering many topics; that best supports the needs of each individual.

The children who attend the therapies are identified by Teachers, Parents, external professionals and the pastoral team themselves.  As a parent, should you have any concerns regarding your child’s well-being, please contact our pastoral team on 01524 65576.

RAINBOWS Bereavement Therapy

Pastoral staff are trained by Rainbows Bereavement support GB and deliver support groups to the children of our school to ensure that any or our children who have experienced a significant loss through death, relationship breakdown or other adverse circumstance in their lives, feel understood and supported appropriately.

Lego Based Therapy

Lego based therapy is a collaborative, play based social skills intervention designed to improve social competence in children.  It aims to encourage children to improve their communication with peers, cooperate with one another and solve problems.  Whilst promoting the development of appropriate social communication and play skills; and utilise children’s strengths to develop areas of weakness.

Talk About

‘Talk About’ is a program that develops self awareness and self esteem in children.  It teaches children self-awareness skills from basic to more complex skills.  All children need self-esteem to feel good about themselves and it helps them to define themselves in terms of motivations, attitudes and behaviours; all of which affect their emotional well-being.  A group will usually be between four and eight children of a similar age.  It is suitable for  both boys and girls aged 4-11 years of age.

One-to-One Work

This form of direct work is undertaken on a ‘need’ basis.  If it is identified that a child may benefit from one-to-one work, it can be undertaken within school by a member of the pastoral team.  This work can address needs, such as anger management, worries, loss, and family issues; as well as others.  Parents are kept informed and may be advised to consider having a referral to an external agency made on their child’s behalf; if they require a specialist practitioner.

Nurture Groups

Nurture group work can be provided in numerous settings.  This may be as part of a gardening, baking, crafts or lunch clubs.  Groups may spend time in the wooded area and outdoor nurture classroom, as well as within the school buildings. These groups are coordinated depending on need of children identified, time of year and staff availability.