Catholic Life of our School

'Minds blossom, love grows with Christ as our beating heart.'

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Faith, love and acceptance are at the very heart of everything we do at St. Joseph's Catholic Primary, Lancaster. Through our culture of love, prayerfulness, acceptance, forgiveness, praise and joy and our core religious education, we strive to share the Word of our Lord with each and everyone who comes into contact with our school family, with the community and whoever else we can reach!

Since 2021, we have been blessed to be a part of the Mater Christi Trust, our family continues to grow in love, support and praise!


A link to our parish website can be found here   Please visit our Children's Liturgy at Home via our homepage.

Catholic Life

At St Joseph's, we are committed to putting Christ at the centre of all that we do. He literally is the beating heart of our school family. Through His love and teachings, our family learn, experience, pray and live the life that Jesus wants us to lead. Together, we all journey forward in faith, love and service.

Prayer and Liturgy

Prayer, worship and liturgical celebration are central to our Catholic tradition and are the glue that holds our days together. Prayer is encouraged in many different ways - private individual prayer, group prayer, whole school and parish prayer.

Religious Education

Through Religious Education children learn more about the Catholic faith and how living as a follower of Jesus impacts on every aspect of life. They develop their knowledge and understanding of the different parts of religious life. They are given the opportunity to reflect upon their own beliefs and attitudes in respect of others. We learn about different faiths and note their similarities and difference to our Catholic journey.