Year 5

Year 5

The Year 5 Team

              Teacher:  Mrs Beaumont (deputy headteacher)

                        Support: Miss Kelsall (learning support)


We are so happy to be back and learning! Here you will find information about our class and see some of the wonderful work we have been doing.  

Useful Information


  • PE will take place every Wednesday.  Please make sure that your child removes any jewellery and has their PE kit in school. Tracksuit bottoms and tops can be worn over kits when the weather gets colder.
  • Reading books will be checked on a daily basis.  All reading books and diaries should be in school every day.  Please encourage your child to read everyday as it helps in ALL aspects of their learning.
  • Homework/Learning Logs will be posted electronically on Class Dojo.  Please add any photos or videos of completed homework on your child’s Portfolio on the Class Dojo site.  Children who complete their Learning Log will be awarded 1 Dojo for each section completed and will receive Golden Time on a Friday afternoon!

If you have any worries or questions, then please feel free to message the class teacher on Class Dojo.


 Please see the curriculum web below which provides a summary of all the learning taking place this term.

Autumn 1 Curriculum Web Year 5.docx

Autumn 2 Curriculum Web PDF

Spring curriculum web 2024 Year 5 PDF

Spring curriculum web 2024 Year 5 PDF NEW

summer web 1 Year 5 PDF




Autumn Term Art Work   

The Creative Work of Derek Gores

Derek Gores was born in 1971 ,in New York. He is a collage artist ,who creates his artwork by recycling magazines, maps and newspapers . The pupils in year five have recreated their own work in his style using card, tissue paper and newspapers.



 We have been experimenting with different colours and lines to create our own 3D patterns.



 Our Class Reader: There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom by Louis Sachar

The children are currently finding out about the antics of the main character Bradley Chalkers. They have produced a variety of different writing from this book and are enjoying reading it in class!


 During the spring term year five have been learning all about the ancient Greeks and how they lived. We have created art work in the style of the ancient Greek pottery.


Many aspects of the ancient Greek lives were influenced by the Greek Gods. The ‘Eye’ was a symbol used by the ancient Greeks and was a symbol of protection. The symbol of the eye was often painted on the bows of boats, as the Greeks believed this would ensure that the gods would keep them safe from storms at sea. The Greeks painted eyes on their pottery as a decorative symbol.

We have created our own temples using paper and  straws.


Summer Term  in Year Five


Year Five have been  learning all about bread. We have learned how bread is made, the ingredients that go into a loaf and have found out about different breads around the world. Using our school links with a local Asda store, we had a go at designing and making our own bread. Have a look at our recent breadmaking pictures in class.



We have also been making clay masks because we have been learning all about ancient Greek theatre. Only men were allowed to perform, and they would change their character by changing the mask. We made our masks from terracotta clay and painted them in a range of colours and styles.