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‘For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.’ Romans 15:4

Our Intent: 

At Saint Joseph’s Primary School, our vision is to give all children an enriched and balanced History curriculum which enables them to have knowledge and understanding of the past. This begins with learning at a personal level and moving on to local, national and international levels throughout the year groups. To achieve this, opportunities are given to learn, through the skills of chronology, enquiry and interpretation, and the knowledge of significant people, places and events. We want our History curriculum to inspire our pupils’ curiosity, to ask questions, think critically and develop perspectives. Our History coverage has been developed to include strands throughout so that links can be made to previous learning e.g. how people lived is covered in all year groups so comparisons/links  can be made. We learn how significant people and eras have effected Britain and the way we live today. At our school, we want the children to understand the process of change and to see how we must learn from the past in a way of moving forward in the challenges we face today. Our intent is to create engaging and interesting lessons for all (in and outside the classroom), which are cross-curricular and build upon prior knowledge so that Historical vocabulary and concepts can be used confidently and in context. 

Please read through our policy:

History policy

We have created a progression of skills and knowledge for History from EYFS to Year 6:

Progression of knowledge and skills

We have devised our key vocabulary list which is progressive through the Key Stages:

History Vocabulary EYFS to Year 6


Useful websites:






Summer Term Highlights

Year 1 have been looking at old toys and how to play with them. they compared them to toys we use today!

I love it when children show me their work and tell me all about what they have been learning! A big well done to Marnie and Shaun-Henry for telling me all about the olden day toys! they knew that they were from the Victorian era and made from wood because plastic toys were not made yet. Year 6 were very impressed too as they have learnt all about the Victorians and they told them that some children were too poor to have toys! 

Making history – St. Joseph’s celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee in style, learning all about the Queen and having a wonderful street party. All children received a book to take home detailing this special event. Amazing memories and a collection of History, Art and a wonderful time! 

Spring Term Highlights 

Autumn Term Highlights 

Year 3 enjoyed learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age and did some super research to learn more!

As always we remembered..



Year 6 have used their art skills to help them learn all about the Ancient Mayans and used these to write some fantastic information hybrid texts.