Week 1 – Reception home learning achievements!

Week 1 – Reception home learning achievements!

Della has been using her knowledge of phonics to recognise the sounds and squirt them with her water gun!

Julia has been watching Mrs Bibbys phonics videos and working on her writing of the ‘oi’, ‘or’ and ‘ur’ sounds. She also watched the story Handa’s Surprise and drew Handa’s basket labeling the fruit.


Oskar has also been helping to make meals and he also made Handa’s basket.


Ellie has been busy practising her cooking skills, exercising, practising her writing and being very creative look at the butterflies on her window!
















Alissia also got her creative head on, she painted rocks and made herself a boat. I wonder where she will sail to?


Lacey has been practising her shape recognition and she has been writing her phonics sounds and daily tricky words.


Eric has been a busy bee! He made play dough and wrote the tricky word of the day in his play dough. He has also been planting vegetables! I bet he can’t wait for them to grow.