A message from our Chair of Governors

A message from our Chair of Governors

Dear Parents, Carers, Teachers and fellow Governors,


Over the last three months we have found ourselves in a very different world than the one we are used to, and we are bombarded with news on our televsions, computers, phones and ipads with conflicting news about the Pandemic of Covid 19 creating fear, mixed messages and confusion. We hear of conflicting scientific research all over the world and so we find ourselves in a very confused, isolated and lonely place.

We must remember, however, that as the Catholic Family of St. Joseph’s in Skerton, we have one whom we must always look to, namely Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ. He has not left us alone but promises that he will send the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to be with us always. Neither wars, famines, or even death can separate us from the Love of Christ, as St. Paul tells us.

Our Blessed Lord, however, does not say that we must not be rooted in reality. We need to be in the world but not of the world. We need to heed scientific advice, research and common sense and place this in the context of the faith that we have in Our Lord, however tested that may seem at times like this.

We can all agree that the best place for our children is to be at school in a learning and stimulating Faith-filled family, but not at the expense of human life. Therefore, as Chair of Governors, in collaboration with our headteacher, Steve Belbin, I have decided to watch the unfolding situation and plan for a very gradual return of certain year groups, in a very controlled and measured way. This will only happen when we feel there are adequate measures in place to ensure the safely of pupils, staff and other workers in school. We will contine to monitor the scientic findings, which at this stage are conflicting and not conclusive either way in terms of the risks to children and their ability to transmit the virus.  This is why we are acting on the advice of the British Medical Association, and resisting any premature actions which would endanger our school family at St. Joseph’s.

As soon as we decide to take any action we will of course consult with parents, staff, and governors before implementing any phased return of children to St. Joseph’s School. I would like to thank you for your support and pray that we will look back on this as a time when faith, hope and love were at their best within our school family of St. Joseph’s.

With every blessing and prayer,

Deacon Stephen

Chair of Governors


If you would like to contact Deacon Stephen with your thoughts, then please complete the attached form.